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What We're All About

Delta Youth Support Link Society Board endorsed April 28, 2014




Our employees, contractors and volunteers share basic values, related to our mission and vision, which are evident in all our initiatives and in the way we work.


We value:

  • People in all their diversity; individuals, families and communities;
  • Treating each person with dignity, respect, fairness, courtesy and compassion;
  • Empowerment of people so they can achieve their goals;
  • Each other and the work we do;
  • Excellence, professionalism and accountability in service;
  • Service provided in a timely, courteous and friendly manner;
  • Results and outcomes that are effective and efficient;
  • Personal and corporate integrity, ethics and responsibility;
  • Creativity, ideas, learning, change, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • A non-adversarial, non-confrontational, cooperative approach;
  • Partnerships with individuals, organizations, communities and governments;
  • And public confidence in our work.



Empowering Leadership.

Leaders empower others to achieve their potential. Leaders support, motivate and mentor others. This is an interactive process, one learns from the other.

Gift oriented staff and volunteers.

Staff and volunteers serve in their area of expertise and strength as a natural, not contrived flow. Their gift is matched to the task; the task is not made to fit the person or person made over to fit the task.


Staff and volunteers believe in themselves, live the mission, vision and values of the agency and are motivated by an inner strength that calls them to excellence in service. There is a strong sense of purpose.

Functional Structures.

The agency operates in a “form follows function” mode. The work to be done determines the structures and mechanisms to do it.

An inspiring place to work.

There is a ‘soul’ in the workplace. The agency is seen as a learning center. Staff, contractors and volunteers like to go to work. People are drawn to the agency.

Small is beautiful.

It is important that meaning and identity for an individual can be achieved through teams, units of service and easy interaction at the most functional level. Staff, contractors and volunteers feel ownership of their daily tasks and a belonging to those about them.

Other oriented.

The service provided goes beyond self or group. It touches those in need. It welcomes inter-dependence. It embraces humanity.

Caring relationships.

The importance of relationships and trust with each other is recognized. An indication of effective relationships in the work place is whether there is laughter and whether people have a ready smile for one another.


An interplay of all eight characteristics is essential in developing and maintaining a healthy agency.


Delta Youth Support Link Society

Board endorsed April 28, 2014


Statement of Diversity

We are children, youth, adults and seniors.

We are of all races, all religions, all cultures, all abilities and all economic levels.

We speak many languages.

We value Diversity.

We endeavour to reflect this diversity in our volunteers, board and staff.

We respect our agency partners and neighbours

and extend our respect to them in all we do.

We embrace all types of families.

Therefore, we will act to promote inclusion of all in our agency and community.